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Covid Updates for West Sussex

Click the the latest news on Covid within Linchmere

BBC Front Page News

Biden sets to work on reversing Trump policies with executive orders

The new president starts dismantling his predecessor's legacy, signing a series of executive orders.

Kamala Harris: 'Believe in what we can do together'

The new US vice-president speaks of the values President Joe Biden wants to "summon" in America.

Covid: England's virus levels 'may have risen' in January

Researchers warn that unless something changes, hospitals will continue to face significant pressure.

Storm Christoph: Evacuations amid floods and snow

More than 200 flood warnings are in place across England and Wales as river levels peak overnight.

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BBC news for West Sussex

Southern Railway: Dumped bikes donated to charity

Four charities will refurbish and profit from bikes left at Southern Railway's stations for months.

Covid: Airport support scheme to open in England

The government is aiming to provide grants by April to mitigate the impact of Covid travel rules.

Covid-19: High Street chemists start vaccinations in England

Six chemists have been chosen initially, with 200 more offering vaccinations in the next fortnight.

Covid-19: Bracknell couple's 'final meeting' in hospital

The couple, who both have coronavirus, were given "precious" time together, their daughter says.