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Coronavirus: Global Covid-19 death toll passes one million

UN chief António Guterres calls it "an agonising milestone" as the fight to stem the virus continues.

Covid-19: North East households mixing ban 'confusing'

People face a maximum £6,400 fine for mixing indoors, but council bosses say more detail is needed.

Covid: Adults without A-levels to be offered free college courses

The government offer will be available from April and aims to support jobseekers during the pandemic.

Coronavirus: NHS faces pandemic 'triple whammy' this winter

Health bosses warn about rising Covid-19 cases, a major backlog in treatment and reduced capacity.

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BBC news for Gloucestershire

Judgement reserved in Christian school worker's LGBT lessons tribunal

Kristie Higgs was dismissed for gross misconduct by Farmor's School in Fairford last year.

Schoolgirls save woman from drowning off Isle of Wight

Two sisters meet the woman they saved from drowning off the Isle of Wight.

Covid-19: What has it meant for the 'busiest' trains?

Data for autumn 2019 shows 22% of passengers into London were standing. That was before Covid-19 struck.

Covid-19 restrictions: 'South Asian weddings should have 400 guests - not 15'

British Asian weddings are traditionally lavish affairs that tend to have hundreds of guests.