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Covid Updates for West Sussex

Click the the latest news on Covid within Linchmere

BBC Front Page News

Biden signs 10 executive orders to tackle Covid-19

He orders increased vaccinations, more testing and expanded production of essential equipment.

Covid: 'Too early' to say if lockdown will end in spring - Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson says England's measures will be reviewed once the priority groups have had the vaccine.

Covid: £800 house party fines to be introduced in England

Fines of £800 will be handed to anyone attending a house party of more than 15 people from next week.

Covid-19: NI lockdown to be extended until 5 March

The curbs may even continue until Easter, in an attempt to drive down Covid-19 case numbers.

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BBC news for West Sussex

Asad Bhatti: Redhill man charged with terrorism offences

Asad Bhatti, from Redhill, Surrey, is due to appear at Westminster Magistrates on Friday.

Men jailed over £12m 'UK's biggest' fake cash plot

Kent Police say it was the biggest plot to supply fake notes ever uncovered in the UK.

Southern Railway: Dumped bikes donated to charity

Four charities will refurbish and profit from bikes left at Southern Railway's stations for months.

Covid: Airport support scheme to open in England

The government is aiming to provide grants by April to mitigate the impact of Covid travel rules.