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Covid Updates for Surrey

Click the the latest news on Covid within Haslemere

BBC Front Page News

Boris Johnson to visit Scotland despite Nicola Sturgeon warning

The PM will use the trip to argue the Covid response illustrates the strengths of the UK working together.

Coronavirus: EU and AstraZeneca seek to resolve vaccine supply crisis

Both sides pledge to work together after a reported 50 million-dose shortfall for the 27-member EU.

Covid: 'Virus going in right direction but not fast enough'

Coronavirus infections are still at very high levels in many regions, a study estimates.

John Kerry: UK climate summit is world's 'last best chance'

The new US climate envoy says time is running out for the world to address the climate crisis.

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BBC news for Surrey

Debunking the Covid deniers who enter hospitals

A man making false statements about Covid-19 tried to remove a sick patient from hospital.

Covid: Army deployed to help South East Coast Ambulance Service

Army personnel will drive for South East Coast Ambulance Service as it faces increased pressure.

Covid: Would-be travellers must prove journey is essential - Patel

People without a valid reason for leaving the UK could face a fine, the home secretary says.

Coronavirus: A walk through a mass vaccination centre

Health correspondent Mark Norman takes a tour of a vaccination centre in Folkestone.