BBC news for Wiltshire

Salisbury Hospital given £10m to improve sustainability

Funded by a government scheme to help cut carbon output, it will be spent on sustainability.

Rare grassland bird numbers expected to rise in Wiltshire

Stone-curlews have been returning in greater numbers each year following conservation efforts.

Ed Sheeran invites Wiltshire singer from crowd up on stage

Singer-songwriter Luke Gittins plays Sheeran covers on YouTube and was spotted by the star at a gig.

Boy, 14, sentenced for towing caravan down M4

The teenager is given a conditional discharge and ordered to pay just £20 due to "lack of means".

Covid Updates for Wiltshire

Click the the latest news on Covid within Chippenham

BBC Front Page News

Nashville school shooting: Police seize guns at home of attacker

Three children and three adults have been killed in by an ex-student at a school in Nashville.

Survivor confronts media: 'Aren't you tired of covering this?'

After surviving a mass shooting in Illinois, a woman visiting Nashville confronts media.

William Hill let new customer bet £23,000 in 20 minutes

Gambling firm hit with record £19m penalty for failing to protect customers and weak anti-money laundering controls.

Ukraine war: Germany sends much-awaited Leopard tanks

The first 18 of the cutting-edge tanks are sent, amid reports UK Challenger 2s have also arrived.

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