BBC news for Wiltshire

Wiltshire priority housing support for young people from care

Those who have been in care are given the highest priority for the allocation of social housing.

Swindon tower block resident appeal for better information on works

The metal panelling on the David Murray John Building in Swindon is getting a £5m safety overhaul.

Wiltshire army veteran runs world marathon for charity

Sally Orange, from Wiltshire, is running seven marathons in seven days on seven continents.

Owen Dunn: Funeral held for teenager killed in stabbing

Family and friends gathered in Swindon for the service in memory of 18-year-old Owen Dunn.

Covid Updates for Wiltshire

Click the the latest news on Covid within Chippenham

BBC Front Page News

Epsom College head found dead with husband and daughter, 7

The head of a private school in Surrey has been found dead along with her husband and seven-year-old daughter.

New images show Nicola Bulley on day she disappeared

Doorbell footage of Nicola Bulley outside her home on the day she disappeared is shared with the BBC.

Ukraine braced for renewed Russian offensive later in February

A large Russian attack is likely to come from the east and south, Kyiv says, but it has the reserves to repel it.

China balloon: US searches in Atlantic for wreckage

The US is trying recover debris from the suspected spy balloon that fell in shallow waters off South Carolina.

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