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Covid: Nottinghamshire moves into tier 3 restrictions

A 9pm curfew on buying alcohol in shops is one of the restrictions put in place in the county.

Jeremy Corbyn suspension 'could cost Labour next election'

The boss of the powerful Unite union urges the party to reinstate its ex-leader or risk "chaos".

Covid-19: Record traffic out of Paris as second French lockdown begins

Jams stretched more than 430 miles (700km) in total just hours before new measures came into force.

Third body found in hunt for Coventry double murder suspect

Anthony Russell, 38, is described by police as dangerous and people are asked not to approach him.

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BBC news for Gloucestershire

Bereaved mum in birth certificate law change bid

Jasmine Hill's partner Kyle died suddenly six months before their son Harley was born.

Families fight to retain 'vital' care home visits

Gloucestershire County Council has recommended that care homes should stop accepting visitors.

Gloucester schoolgirl sells badges to support veterans

The 10-year-old is raising money for the veterans' legal battle to abolish fees to stay in the UK.

Gloucester ice swimmer completes Hadrian's Wall walk

John Myatt walked a 91-mile route including the length of the wall to raise money for Rugby For Heroes.