BBC news for Berkshire

LSA House: Cookham ambulance service rated inadequate

A CQC report finds "no evidence of learning" by staff after incidents with patients.

Coronavirus: Case rates in Berkshire

The latest number of cases of Covid-19 across the county

Woman dies after being hit by lorry while walking on M4 at Langley

The woman was struck as she walked along the eastbound carriageway from J5 for Langley/Staines.

Thames Valley Police says it is struggling to hit recruitment targets

Thames Valley Police says some candidates are being put off by the high cost of living in the area.

Covid Updates for Berkshire

Click the the latest news on Covid within Wantage

BBC Front Page News

Ukraine: Boris Johnson to call Vladimir Putin and visit region

Boris Johnson wants to "ramp up deterrence to avoid bloodshed" over the Ukraine crisis, No 10 says.

Ukraine crisis: Russian attack would be 'horrific', US warns

Top US General Mark Milley says the build-up of Russian troops is the largest since the Cold War.

Ashleigh Barty wins Australian Open

Ashleigh Barty ends the home nation's 44-year wait for a Grand Slam women's singles champion by beating Danielle Collins to win the Australian Open title.

Downing Street parties: Sue Gray won't wait for police inquiry

The Met wants "minimal reference" made to some events but one Tory MP says this is an abuse of power.

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