BBC news for Berkshire

Hurst villagers attempt to break largest stick horse parade record

The parade saw riders set off on a hack around the village in a bid to break the record.

Harry Gration: Tributes pour in for Ex-BBC Look North presenter

A round of applause by cricket fans at Headingley was among the tributes to the "Yorkshire legend".

Lauren Laverne pulls out of Glastonbury after her mother dies

The presenter says she is "utterly heartbroken", adding "Mam, I love you forever".

Rail strikes disrupt weekend plans across the south of England

Some train passengers in the south of England are cancelling long-held plans over the disruption.

Covid Updates for Berkshire

Click the the latest news on Covid within Wantage

BBC Front Page News

Ukraine war: Russian strike on shopping a centre a war crime - G7 leaders

Some 1,000 civilians were inside the building at the time of the strike, Ukraine's president said.

Zara Aleena: Man arrested over 'stranger attack' in Ilford

Zara Aleena died following what police say was an "opportunist stranger attack" in east London.

Move to override Brexit deal gets initial backing from MPs

Powers for ministers to scrap parts of the deal on Northern Ireland clear their first Commons hurdle.

Woman suing rape charity over transgender row

"Sarah" says she felt unable to speak in a rape support group after a trans woman began attending.

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