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Covid Updates for Gloucestershire

Click the the latest news on Covid within Tuffley

BBC Front Page News

Covid: Gap between Pfizer vaccine doses should be halved, say doctors

Delaying second Pfizer doses to give more people their first is "difficult to justify", says BMA.

Hotel quarantine for UK arrivals to be discussed

Boris Johnson has not ruled out further action to secure the borders amid concerns over Covid variants.

Coronavirus: EU vaccine woes mount as new delays emerge

AstraZeneca is the latest company, after Pfizer, to warn of delivery issues, frustrating officials.

Wuhan marks its anniversary with triumph and denial

In the city where the virus first emerged there is now an insistence that it came from elsewhere.

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BBC news for Gloucestershire

Virginia Woolf: Book of literary confessions sells for £21k

The book, contributed to by Virginia Woolf and others, had been valued at between £4,000 to £6,000.

Gloucestershire Royal Hospital: Public order charge for woman

Debbie Hicks is due to appear at Cheltenham Magistrates' Court on 30 March.

Vaccine scheme starts in South West pharmacies

Five chemists across the South West are offering appointments for Covid-19 vaccinations.

Brexit: Exporter sets up Dutch firm to avoid bureaucracy

A company opens a base in the Netherlands to avoid paying tax twice on exports after Brexit.