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Covid Updates for Hampshire

Click the the latest news on Covid within Lindford

BBC Front Page News

Covid: Quarantine hotel plans set to be announced

The new measures are likely to apply to British residents arriving in England from high-risk countries.

Coronavirus: EU to tighten vaccine exports amid row with AstraZeneca

The EU says it is unacceptable that AstraZeneca is cutting the number of pledged vaccine doses.

House delivers impeachment charge against Trump

Leaders in the House have brought their article of impeachment against Donald Trump to the Senate.

UK unemployment rate continues to rise

The rate rose to 5% in the three months to November, as coronavirus continued to hit the jobs market.

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BBC news for Hampshire

Covid-19: Group of 26 in Alton face fines over car meet

Some of those at event in Alton were not wearing masks and became "extremely defensive", police say.

Portsmouth's New Theatre Royal set to be rescued by council

The Grade II listed venue has not been able to stage any performances since March 2020.

New Forest animal deaths: Calls for average speed cameras

Four ponies and three donkeys were killed in two collisions in the national park last month.

Covid sea shanty video goes viral for Isle of Wight grandad

Martyn Waitt, 82, was encouraged to record a version of the Wellerman shanty by his granddaughter.