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'No way' spy nerve agent came from UK lab

Porton Down says Russian suggestions of link to the Salisbury attack are "frustrating".

France hostage crisis: Police shoot supermarket gunman

Armed police shoot a gunman who killed three and stormed a supermarket in Trèbes, southern France.

Parsons Green Tube bombing: Teenager Ahmed Hassan jailed for life

Judge says teenager who planted device and injured 51 people planned with almost military efficiency.

Inspector Darren McKie guilty of wife's murder

Det Con Leanne McKie, 39, was found strangled in Poynton Lake, Cheshire, in September.

BBC news for Somerset

Man in court accused of murdering woman allegedly hit by a car

The body of artist Laura Biss was found on a road in Highbridge, Somerset, in January.

Sherborne school bus attacker jailed for 16 months

James Higgins, 25, is sentenced for boarding the bus to attack the driver in a "road rage" assault.

Roald Dahl plaque for 'seedy' Weston-super-Mare

The plaque is at Roald Dahl's former school in Weston-super-Mare, despite him "absolutely loathing" it.

Anglo-Welsh Cup final: Bath v Exeter Chiefs rearranged for 30 March

The Anglo-Welsh Cup final between Bath and Exeter, which was postponed on Sunday, will now take place on 30 March.